Namaste Sate | Day 4

18. January 2011

The idea for the song Namaste Sate began over ten years ago when Chris heard devotees at the Matridham Ashram in Varanasi chanting this prayer in a pre dawn satsang. While Fiona and I were in England for the birth of our twin girls last year, I sent a short acoustic guitar part to Chris. Both hung in the back of our minds as we decided the direction to take the new album. When we finally met up to begin composing for the record in the spring of 2010, Chris adapted the chant to the chord changes and Namaste Sate was born.

When the seed of Truth is planted in us, it is often only a whisper that slowly grows in substance and depth in time. It is like waking in the darkest hour of night and watching as the world turns from black, through the shades of gray, to the blush of golden fire that settles on the horizon. We can feel it grow. Somewhere inside the desperation takes hold, we need this. We need this more than food or air. We need the light that paints the world around us in his true color. And in that moment where perfect peace and insatiable desire meet and rest, Truth rises before us and darkness is no more. No longer does it matter who is right or how much we know or understand. The deeper magic weaves itself around us and through us, flips our unsure world on its head and all is set right.

Namaste Sate Lyrics:

Truth, we greet you.
In you the whole Universe is held together

Conscious One, we greet you
The world is infused with your being
You dwell in our flesh and bones

One without a second, we greet you
Your Great Liberation brings us loving oneness with you
As though no separation exists between us

O Supreme One, we greet you
All pervading and eternal