Herana | Look

24. January 2011

When I am asked why I chose to make a life out of singing music out of south asia, I often speak of my childhood in Nepal, and the love I had for the music of those hills, where I learned Herana. It was a carefree life. Thousands of terraced rice fields were our playground. Steep mount streams were our swimming holes. For the most part life was wonderful, even though all around me people were living in abject poverty and need, which was the reason my parents were there in the first place, as medical doctors.

Some of my best friends ran around in bare feet and shorts because they didn’t own a shirt or shoes. I often ran around barefoot too. Rich or poor, as children, we all squealed with care free laughter as we ran through the fields. After the pre-monsoon heat, the evening wind would sneak up from the valley, and the dry banyan leaves would swirl around and pull us into a dance. When the rain began to fall we were driven mad with joy.

We were united in the certainly that everything was well, and would always be. I wished I could say the same about my adulthood, because I still believe it’s true that God makes all things well in the end, so why worry about what we cannot control? Jesus’ words to his followers are words to me, “the kingdom of God is within you, but unless you become like little children you cannot enter it.”

From Herana…

…The star cast it’s own light guiding astrologer kings
presenting gifts, they receive a vision of the Lord
Hearts full of joy, the rescuer is born!
Think not to the thorns in your feet
Think not to the journey
We move and breathe in Him

– Chris Hale