Notes on Namaste

10. March 2011

The second video to be released from Aradhna, “Namaste Saté“. The music is from the album “Sau Guna” that I recorded with them recently. This tune was a lot of fun for us to develop the “theka” (tabla support) for.

The tune is in 8 beats but the theka begins with “rupak” tal (7 beat theka) which begins with a light unaccented harmonic “tin” note (noticeably lacking the heavy bass tone of the dugga) to support but not dominate the subtlety of the vocals and guitar.

This is then made even (8 beats) by the syncopated beauty of the end of a “peshkar” (opening slow movement of many tabla solos) This makes the heavy accented portion of the rhythm at the end and not the beginning of the cycle leading you to ” release and breathe” when the 1st beat comes around…