Loss of a friend.

24. September 2011

Kiran Pradhan, composer of “Ishwarle”  passed away this week in Delhi, India, where he lived for many years as a music teacher and performer.

We are in shock about this news, as we are always talking about Kiran at our Aradhna concerts whenever we sing his songs. I had just spoken of Kiran at the concert for Bhutanese Nepali refugees in Jacknsonville last night.

Kiran’s gift of music and love for Yeshu has been an inspiration to many people who have been touched deeply by the song “Ishwarle.” The translated words are from the words of Yeshu, that God loves this world so much that he gave us his son, that believing in him, we do not need to fear death, but have the hope of knowing God personally, which is eternal life.

We thank God for Kiran’s life and pray for his family and friends during this time of loss.

With love,
Chris and Pete

If you have been touched by Kiran Pradhan’s Nepali song, “ISHWARLE” or “AAYO HAI AAYO” and would like to make a financial donation to his family in India, please select one of the buttons below.

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