Deep Jale

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Our debut album was meant to be a test demo, distributed to a select few who would let us know if it was any good, but before the experts could say anything good or bad about it, Deep Jale had sold over 5000 copies and established the sound of Aradhna.

For many of our fans this is still their favorite album. When Pete and I listen to it now, after four other albums, it reminds us of why we started doing this in the first place. To worship God intimately with long, drawn out, and meditative songs, enjoying the sound we had just discovered while living in London England in 1999: sitar and acoustic guitar blended into a single instrument.

No one is in a hurry on Deep Jale. It’s about turning off the tube lights, lighting oil lamps, and soaking in the hot tub of the grace of God.

Song List:
1 Subha Shaam Lun
2 Deep Jale
3 He Logo
4 Bhaj Pawan
5 Bin Yeshu
6 Mohe Lagado
7 Na Socha
8 Bhajita Kyon
9 He He Prabhu (intro)
10 He He Prabhu
11 Chosen

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