Marga Darshan

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Pete and I spent the years after recording Deep Jale, dreaming of an album where we could incorporate many of the Indian instruments we loved, in addition to sitar and tabla.

We finally decided to fly to Lucknow, India, the city where I studied sitar for 5 years, to record some of the city’s greatest musicians playing instruments like the 34 stringed sarangi (a type of violin), and the bansuri (bamboo flute). We also recruited a 20 member choir.
We then headed back to our studio in Altanta and added bass, drums, guitar, violin and tabla. The album took nine months to create and record, and includes some of our fans’ favorite songs, Marga Darshan, Bhajo Naam, and Ishwarle. Marga Darshan, which means “Path of Vision” in Hindi, maintains the meditational focus of Deep Jale, but there are soaring moments on a few songs that take the music to a new place of power, energy and intense longing.

A word of advice if you get this album; it’s best enjoyed with the volume level kept constant, but be prepared. It will get loud!

1 Marga Darshan
2 Yeshu Leeje
3 Lo Suna Saathi
4 Sapna
5 Jaago Logo
6 Bhajo Naam
7 Mai Aparaadhi
8 Tum Ho Kripaalu
9 Prabhu ko Darshan
10 Ishwarle
11 Jaago Logo

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  1. This is an amazing album that moves my heart. After spending six months in India, the music on this album brings me right back.

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