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Guide to reading the transliteration
1. The difference between “aa” and “a”.
Any “aa” found in a word is pronouced like saying “aa” for the doctor. Words with aa include, paap, praan, aayaa, aaj etc. Any “a” found in a word is pronounced like the “a” in appendix. Words with “a” include, shama, raksha, sharan, dukhat, sab, bilakh. Examples of words that have both “aa” and “a” are maarga, khabariyaa, hamaari, umariyaa.

2. The unspoken “n”.
Nazalized sounds are common, and hard to say or indicate, so I have left some out, and have included only very important ones. A nazal is indicated by the letter “n” at the end of a word. The “n” is not spoken. Say the word without the “n”, and say it through your nose like you were a bleeting sheep. The two most common nazal words are mei and mai. These are written in the text as mein and main. Don’t pronouce the n. Say, mei, through your nose. Other nazalized words include, hun, tujhmein, rahun, paaun, hazaaron.

3. The breathy h.
An h after a consonant is an aspiration and is spoken while letting out air from your chest, as if you were panting. Such words include, bhakti, saathi, dhani, the, dharma, bhajo.

4. The invisible a.
Though quite subtle at times, almost all words that end in a consonant, when sung, have a little “a” added to the end of the word. As in the song, Marga Darshan, maarg darshan kar unhe, is sung, marga darashana kara unhe. These little “a’s” have not been written in, but you will hear them on the recording. They are not part of the word but to create flow the Indian style of singing includes them.

track 1 Marga Darshan by Peter John
Maarg darshan kar unhe; paap shama sab aaj kar; meri praan raksha kar
Sharan mein aayaa hun, Sharan mein aayaa hun, Sharan mein aayaa hun, Sharan mein aayaa hun

Guide me in the path of vision, cleanse me from my sin; Lord, protect my life
I come to your presence, I come to your feet, I come for shelter, I come for refuge

track 2 Yeshu Leeje by Father George Proksch
Yeshu leeje khabariyaa hamaari; Ham niraash sab aur se Swaami
Aaye sharan tihaari; Yeshu leeje khabariyaa hamaari
Dukhat hriday sab bilakh rahe hai, shud lo karnaa kaari
Teri bhakti ko taj kar Swaami, paap ke hue pujaari
Yeshu leeje khabariyaa hamaari
Dharm chor adharm mein par gaye, beeti umariyaa saari
Ab to Swaami kripaa daal do, ham aaye hai bikhaari
Yeshu leeje khabariyaa hamaari
Tujhmein milkar tujhe na dhoondaa, zindagaani uhaari
Kaam krod mad lobh moha mein, teri yaad bisaari
Yeshu leeje khabariyaa hamaari

Jesus, I bring you all within me; I am discouraged on every side
I come to you for shelter; Remember me
Hear the groaning of my troubled heart; cleanse my wounded soul
For I left my devotion to you and became a priest of sin
Jesus, I bring you all within me
Leaving the path of truth I stumbled into evil
My whole life is spent and wasted
Lord, have mercy on me; I come as a beggar comes, seeking shelter
Jesus, I bring you all within me
Though I was in you, still I could not find you
In my lust, in my anger, my greed, and my delusion I forgot you
Jesus, remember me here
You are my refuge; you will not let me falter
You watch me like a child; you hold me like a son
You are my shade; you are my shelter
With you the sun does not burn my eyes
With you the moon cannot reveal where I hide
Lord, keep me from evil; guard my life with your hand
All that I am, all that I am will worship you

track 3 Lo Suna Saathi Traditional Nepali folk song
Lo suna saathi satyako vaani yo timrai laagi ho
Garib dhani sabaiko laagi jeewan ko paani ho
Ishwarko Putra aaye the dharti koile chinena
Paapilai muktidaan dina mare, yo kura bujha lo
Maayaa ra moha baachunjelsama sansaarmaa dui din ko
Dharma ra karma sabai byertha chan, yo timi bujha lo
Shiramaa mukut kaaraako laai jhundiye krusmaa
Paapilai muktidaan dina mare, yo kura bujha lo
Baanchnalai maanche sadhainai khojcha jeewanko sahaara
Paapko vashma dubeko maanche yotai cha kinaaraa
Baato ra satya jeewan cha hai Khrist Yeshu Prabhu maa
Biswas gari hai meraa saathi jeewan lyo unai maa

Listen and I will speak the truth, Living water for the rich and poor
The Son of God lived on this earth unknown
And he died to give us the gift of salvation
Desires and illusions pursue me relentlessly; all my morality is in vain
But he hung on a cross with a crown of thorns, and died to give me salvation
I search for support in this feeble life
But lost in the grip of my desires, there is only one hope
The Path, the Truth, the Life are in Jesus Christ the Lord
Oh my friend, believe and receive Life in Him

track 4 Sapna

track 5 Jaago Logo by Kabir
Jaago logo mat suwo naa karo neend se pyaar
Jaise sapnaa rain kaa aisaa yeh sansaar
Satya naam kaa sumiran karle kal jaane kyaa hoye
Jaag jaag nar nij aatmaa mein kaahe birthaa soye
Jo til maahi tel hai jo chakmak mein aag
Teraa Sai tujhmein hai jaag sake to jaag
Neend nishaani maut ki ut Kabira jaag
Aur rasiyn chaadike naam rasiyn laag

Awake oh people, do not love sleep
For this world is like a dream in the night
Remember the True Name, for you cannot know what tomorrow holds
Awake my soul; why sleep in vain?
Like oil from the sesame seed, like fire from two stones
So God reveals himself in you; awake if you can, awake
The mark of death is sleep; rise up my soul, awake
Leaving all your pleasures, take delight in Him
Deep calls to deep in the roar of your water fall
Wake me in the dawn to sing your praise
Sweep over me like a flood, Lord
Wake me from my slumber; wake me, wake me from my slumber

track 6 Bhajo Naam by Peter John
Bhajo naam, japo naam, pyaara naam, Yeshu naam
Chahe subaha ho yaa shaam, chahe subaha ho yaa shaam, Yeshu naam re
Sab bhakti karo mil gaao Yeshu naam re
Bhakt bina bhakti adhuri, Khrist sharan tujhe aanaa hai
Chaar de apani shakti bal, Khrist mein moha lagaanaa hai
Jeewan arpan kardo Prabhu mein, Prabhu ki aashish paanaa hai
Jay jay kaar karo mil saare, dhanya manaana hai
Paap ki raaha ko chorana hai; swarg ki manzil paanaa hai
Is duniyaa mein chain nahi, Swargiya Pitaa ko jaanaa hai
Shanti mukti kaa maarg wahi hai, usme moha lagaana hai
Sacha Saathi Prabhu hamaara use apanaana hai

Sing His name, chant His name, the beautiful name, Jesus’ name
Morning and evening, together, all bring their devotion, singing, Jesus’ name
How can you worship, oh my soul, unless you have surrendered?
You have come to Jesus’ shelter; cast off your own strength and power
Fall in love with Christ; give your life to Him, and He will bless you
Praise Him all together, celebrating with blessings
Now I leave the path of darkness; my goal is heaven
This world holds no peace for me; I am going to my Heavenly Father
He is my peace, my way of salvation; I must fall in love with Him
He is my true friend; I will make Him my own
Come, we praise you; we lift our hearts to you
We lift them up, Lord, above this darkness; we lift up our hands to you

track 7 Mai Aparaadhi by Kabir
Main aparaadhi janam kaa nakh sikh bharaa vikaar
Tum daataa dukh bhanjana meraa karo sambhaar
Buraa jo dekhan main chalaa buraa na miliyaa koye
Jab dil khojaa aapnaa mujhse buraa na koye
Kabir waa din yaad kar pag upar tal shish
Mrut log mein aayeke bisar gayaa jagdish
Daas kahaawan kathin hai main daasan kaa daas
Ab to aisaa hue rahun pau tale ki ghaas

I am guilty from birth, steeped from head to foot in sin
Yet you are my Redeemer, Reliever of Burdens; please save me
I went in search of evil but found none
Until I searched my own heart and found no one as evil as myself
Remember the day, oh my soul, still in your mother’s womb
With your head down and your feet up
You came into this world and forgot your Creator
How difficult it is to be called a servant, but I am a slave of slaves
Now I am humbled like grass under your feet

track 8 Tum Ho Kripaalu by Peter John
Tum ho Kripaalu, Antaryaami, Karunamay Saagar, Khrist Prabhu
Jagat Vidhaataa, Paap Nivaaran, Shristi ke Swaami, Khrist Prabhu
Jeewan Jal Prabhu Yeshu tu hai, pyaasaa main bhi kabhi na rahungaa
Sachaa gyaan main tujhse paakar antarman ki shaanti paaun
Mukti milegi Yeshu Masih se, dwaare kharaa, hun apanaa lo
Kasht nivaaran mere Prabhu tum, praan diyo hai paapin kaaran
Rakt bahaayaa paapin kaaran, krus uthaayaa, logan kaaran
Khudko mitaakar jeewan dene, shama ke Prabhuji dheere dharo

You are the Merciful, All-Knowing One, Ocean of Love, Christ my Lord
Sustainer of the Universe, Destroyer of Evil, Lord of Creation, Christ my Lord
You are the Water of Life; I will never be thirsty
In you there is True Wisdom, bringing peace to my heart
In you I will find freedom, Jesus my Savior
I am standing at your door; bring me in to you
Lord you gave your life to free me from pain and trouble
You gave your blood and bore the cross to give life to all people
You are the Lord of Forgiveness; you are the Patient One

track 9 Prabhu ko Darshan by Nepali bhajan
Prabhuko darshan Yeshuko darshan, paayera bhai laagaa sewaa maa
Nepal deshle daaki rahecha, au bachao haamilai
Aatmaa mardai chan, aatmaa mardai chan, hera hazaaron paapko saagar maa
Krusmaa aaphno praan Prabhule jagatko laagi die
Premlai hera, prem lai hera, Nepalko laagi unko hrydaya maa
Andhakaar chaayo chaarai dishaamaa raat aai pugyo
Je garnu parcha, je garnu parcha, aile nai gara dinko jyoti maa

The vision of the Lord Jesus is in you; now go and serve your people
The nation is calling, “Come save us”
Souls lay dieing, thousands upon thousands, in the ocean of darkness
On the cross the Lord gave his life for the world
See what love he holds in his heart for this land
Darkness is falling; night has arrived
Whatever you must do, now is the time while the light of day remains

track 10 Ishwarle by Yoaanes
Ishwarle sansaar lai yesto prem garnu bhayo
Aphnai yotai Putra lai hamro nimti dihaalnu bo
Uhaa maathi biswas garne naash hune chhaina nai
Paune chan ti sabai le ananta jeewan

God loved the world so much, that He gave his Son , His one and only Son
By believing in him there is fullness of life forever, and none need die

track 11 Jaago Logo
To the One who purchased for me a life I could not afford

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