Naam Leo Re


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Aside from the fact that this album has sold half as many copies as all the Aradhna albums put together, Naam Leo Re (Take the Name), is my (Chris) first attempt at a bhajan album, with Olio, the band I formed with Jose and Sebi, two Indian friends from Kerala, in 1991.

Please, if you buy this album, forgive any of the cheesy 80’s vocal reverb, and guitar distortion sounds. The fact is, Indians still love this sound, so in many ways, if you are looking for “authentic India,” this is it.

1 Na Tatra Suryo Bhaatti
2 Deep Jale
3 Naam Leo Re
4 Tujhe Dhoondte Hai
5 Maaji Re
6 Bin Yeshu
7 Bhaj Paawantam
8 Prabhu Ke Bina
9 Panghat Pe
10 He He Prabhu
11 Binti Sunle
12 Kyun Man Bhoola

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