Chord Charts | Namaste Sate

coming soon…

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  1. Kishor Limbu

    Hi Chris,
    My name is Kishor Limbu. I am originally from Nepal but am living in the United Kingdom right now. I am one of the fan of Aradhna. The first and last time i listened you guys play was in San Francisco. Since then i have been listening to your cds. Hats off to you guys. We have a pretty big Nepalese christian community here in the United Kingdom and would love to have you guys if by any chance you guys are on a tour to the United Kingdom. Finally it would be much appreciated if you could post Chords for the song title “Herana” from Namaste Sate album.

    In Christ
    Kishor Limbu

  2. Kenny Wallace

    Hey friends! I love the new album and it has provoked much thought and discussion about contextualized worship. I am eagerly awaiting the chord charts.
    Much love,

  3. Thanks Kenny! I can’t wait to have the sheet for “Mukteshwar”

  4. pranaya beckas

    Kishor Limbu can we be friends???? my mail id is u can add me if u like

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