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Our group, Aradhna, which means ‘worship’ in Hindi, had its beginnings in England in August of 1999. My friend Peter Hicks and I met up in London and began creating sitar/guitar arrangements of the Yeshu bhajans (devotional songs to Jesus) that I had learned while growing up in India and Nepal.

This live recording called Satsang (pronounced sutt-sung) literally means “gathering of the truth.” The concert in Southampton, England, recorded on September 7th, 2003, was a particularly memorable evening as it was the last night of our tour and our final chance to get a good recording for the live album we hoped for. Towards the end of the last song, a little 3-year old girl wandered curiously over to the wall and unplugged the cable that powered everything. The entire recording was lost. After the initial shock wore off, we realized that God wanted us to continue worshiping with whoever could stay. This is the music that followed.

Prem mantra hi hai bas teraa, man pe daalaa sabke deraa. “Love is Your key. It is through Your love that You have captured our hearts.” May this Satsang draw us close to Him.

Song List:
1 He He Prabhu
2 Binti Sunle
3 Gaao Re
4 Naam Leo Re
5 Bhajo Naam
6 Subha Shaam Lun
7 Ishwarle
8 Marga Darshan

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  1. Rohit Sigler

    God Bless You All…
    Doing Great….

  2. Mario

    It’s trully a beautiful album! Thank you so much

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