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Guide to reading the transliteration
1. The difference between aa and a.
Any aa found in a word is pronouced like saying aa for the doctor. Words with aa include, paap, praan, aayaa, aaj etc. Any a found in a word is pronounced like the a in appendix. Words with a include, shama, raksha, sharan, dukhat, sab, bilakh. Examples of words that have both aa and a are maarga, khabariyaa, hamaari, umariyaa.

2. The unspoken n.
Nazalized sounds are common, and hard to say or indicate, so I have left some out, and have included only very important ones. A nazal is indicated by the letter n at the end of a word. The n is not spoken. Say the word without the n, and say it through your nose like you were a bleeting sheep. The two most common nazal words are mei and mai. These are written in the text as mein and main. Don’t pronouce the n. Say, mei, through your nose. Other nazalized words include, hun, tujhmein, rahun, paaun, hazaaron.

3. The breathy h.
An h after a consonant is an aspiration and is spoken while letting out air from your chest, as if you were panting. Such words include, bhakti, saathi, dhani, the, dharma, bhajo.

4. The invisible a.
Though quite subtle at times, almost all words that end in a consonant, when sung, have a little a added to the end of the word. As in the song, Marga Darshan, maarg darshan kar unhe, is sung, marga darashana kara unhe. These little a’s have not been written in, but you will hear them on the recording. They are not part of the word but to create flow the Indian style of singing includes them.

track 1 He He Prabhu words and music by Peter John
Ishwar kaa avataar bhayo tum, paapin hit balidaan ho
Dharam aatma mun par daalo, he Prabhu Karunaa Nidhaan
Nishchay ho tum sabke Ishwar, sab jag jan ke Swaami ho
Man avagun te mohi bachao, he Prabhu Antaryaami
He He Prabhu, jag kartaar, mohe apne hi prem se bhar de
Mohe apne hi rang mein rang de, mohe apne hi prem se bhar de
Prem se chora swarg sinhaasan, prem se karli manushya deh dhaaran
Tum hi ho sat awataar re
Andhak nain di, koran, kaaya, murdon ko bhi tum ne jilaaya
Leelaa tumhaari apaar re
Prem hamein bhi karnaa sikhaa do, aisee raha pe chalnaa sikhaado
Binti karat hai bhaar bhaar re

You are the incarnation of God, the sacrifice for sinners
Put your Spirit over me, O Lord of mercy
You are the Lord of all, the Lord of the World
If there is anything unpleasing within me
Cleanse me from it, all-knowing Father
O Lord, Master of all things, fill me with your love
Mold me in your likeness; fill me with your love
O Lord, Master of all things, fill me with your love
You left your throne in heaven because of your love for me
You became a man; you are the True Incarnation
O Lord, Master of all things, fill me with your love
You healed eyes of the blind; the shadow of the leper you made whole
You even raised the dead; Your ways are too great for me to understand
O Lord, Master of all things, fill me with your love
Teach us how to love, teach us to walk in these ways
I always pray, O Lord, Master of all things, fill me with your love

track 2 Binti Sunle words and music by Peter John
Suniye arz Maharaaj re, raakho meri laaj
Daya karo aur kasht mitaado; man ko keejo saaf
Biniti sunile Yeshu pyaare
Biniti sunile Yeshu pyaare mohe
Sanga rakho Maharaaj, ab tum raakho meri laaj
Prabhu tum raakho meri laaj
Binti karun tumse kar jori, ab tum binti sunilo mori
Mohe aasha lag rahi tori, darsh dikhaado aaj, binti
Suno meri Maharaaj
Tum hi hamaare nainon ke taare
Man ke pyaare, dil ke dulaare
Tumhi hamaare taaranhaare; hamare tum sartaaj, binti
Suno meri Maharaaj
Aapkaa main shaydaa kelaaun, aas lagi tohe darshan paaun
Yug-yug aapkaa main gun gaaun, mere Garib Nawaaz, binti
Suno meri Maharaaj

Hear my request, O Lord, and uphold my honor
Have mercy on me, and remove my sins; cleanse my soul
Dear Jesus, hear my request; dear Jesus, hear my plea
Keep me by your side, and uphold my honor
I always cry out to you; open your ear to me
All my hope rests in you, Oh Lord; let me see you
You are the light of my eyes, my soul’s Lover
The One who owns my heart
You are my only Deliverer! You are the Lord!
Call me mad but I only wait to see you
I want to sing your praise forever

track 3 Gaao Re words by Daisy Augustine; music by Peter Hicks and Chris Hale
Gaao gaao re ambar dharti
Gaao gaao re, gaao mere sang
Aaj Prabhu aagaman huaa hai
Yeshu ji sang milan huaa hai
Aaj honth ruk na paaye
Duton gaao panchhi chachaao
Jal-jantu jal-tarang bajaao
Mor thirak-thirak naacho re
Sarangi, Vina raag uthaao
Tabla, Sitar tum taan milaao
Khanjari ab karo jhamkaar

Sing oh Sky, sing oh Earth
Sing with me
My Lord Jesus has come today
And I am united with Him
I cannot stop my lips from singing
Sing you angels and birds of the sky
Play the music of the waves
Oh creatures of the deep
Peacock dance with grace
Take up a raga oh Sarangi and Veena
Play a taan oh Tabla and Sitar
Khanjari, shake and rattle with the music

track 4 Naam Leo Re words and music by Anil Dev
Naam leo re, naam leo re
Yeshu kaa mangalkaari naam leo re
Paap haregaa, taap haregaa
Paavan bhaavan sundar meraa Yeshu kaa naam
Shaanti vo degaa, shakti vo degaa
Paavan bhaavan sundar meraa Yeshu kaa naam
Bhakti vo degaa, mukti vo degaa
Paavan bhaavan sundar meraa Yeshu kaa naam

Take the name of Jesus, sing the name of Jesus
The blessed name of Jesus, sing the name of Jesus
You are my shield from sin, you have taken my punishment
Holy, attractive, and beautiful is the name of my Jesus
Grant me peace, give me strength
Holy, attractive, and beautiful is the name of my Jesus
You give me a heart of devotion and the gift of salvation
Holy, attractive, and beautiful is the name of my Jesus

track 5 Bhajo Naam words and music by Peter John
Bhajo naam, japo naam, pyaara naam
Yeshu naam
Chahe subaha ho yaa shaam
Chahe subaha ho yaa shaam
Yeshu naam re
Sab bhakti karo mil gaao
Yeshu naam re
Bhakt bina bhakti adhuri, Khrist sharan tujhe aanaa hai
Chaar de apani shakti bal, Khrist mein moha lagaanaa hai
Jeewan arpan kardo Prabhu mein, Prabhu ki aashish paanaa hai
Jay jay kaar karo mil saare, dhanya manaana hai
Paap ki raaha ko chorana hai; Swarg ki manzil paanaa hai
Is duniyaa mein chain nahin, Swargiya Pitaa ko jaanaa hai
Shanti mukti kaa maarg wahi hai, usme moha lagaana hai
Sacha Saathi Prabhu hamaara, use apanaana hai

Sing His name, chant His name
The beautiful name, Jesus’ name
Morning and evening, together
All bring their devotion, singing, Jesus’ name
How can you worship, oh my soul
Unless you have surrendered?
You have come to Jesus’ shelter
Cast off your own strength and power
Fall in love with Christ
Give your life to Him and He will bless you
Praise Him all together
Celebrating with blessings
Now I leave the path of darkness
My goal is Heaven’s eternal life
This world holds no peace for me
I must know my Heavenly Father
He is my peace, my way of salvation
I must desire Him
He is my true friend; I will make Him my own

track 6 Subha Shaam Lun words and music by Anil Dev
Subha shaam lun Yeshu teraa naam
Wo jo paawan sundar naam
Shok mite man mein sukh paaye
Nirbal ko balwaan banaaye
Shradhaa se aaye jo dhaam
Har pal har chan pag-pag pe tu
Jag ke har kan-kan mein hai tu
Teri mahima kaun na jaane
Prem mantra hi hai bas teraa
Man pe daalaa sabke deraa
Teri jyoti jale nishkaam

Jesus, I remember you in the morning and evening
Your holy and beautiful name
All my grief is gone and I feel peace within
Your name gives strength to the weak
To those who come reverently and humbly
In every step I take, you are there
You are in all things
Who cannot know your glory?
Love is your key
It is through your love that you have captured our hearts
May your light shine its selfless glory

track 7 Ishwarle words taken from the Nepali Nayaa Karaar, Yoaanes 3:16; music by Kiran Pradhan
Ishwarle sansaar lai yesto prem garnu bhayo
Aphnai yotai Putra lai hamro nimti dihaalnu bo
Uhaa maathi biswas garne naash hune chhaina nai
Paune chan ti sabai le ananta jeewana

God loved the world so much, that He gave his Son, His one and only Son
By believing in him there is fullness of life forever, and none need die

track 8 Marga Darshan words and music by Peter John
Marga darshan kar unhe
Paap shama sab aaj kar
Mere praan raksha kar
Sharan mein aayaa hun
Sharan mein aayaa hun
Sharan mein aayaa hun
Sharan mein aayaa hun

Guide me in the path of vision
Cleanse me from my sin
Lord, protect my life
I come to your presence
I come to your feet
I come for shelter
I come for refuge

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