Music Downloads

Mukteshwar is a combination of Hindi, Sanskrit and English lyrics. The Hindi words speak of  mercy to the merciful, comfort to those who weep, the earth to the meek, the sight of God for the pure in heart.
Mukteshwar 6.14 MB

Namaste Saté grows from a whisper to a roar; a musical image of the journey toward and through ultimate truth.
Namaste Saté 6.33 MB

Holy River: English and Hindi lyrics, tabla and kit drums, electric guitars, sitar and bass weave together to create Holy River; a song about the river of God’s love.
Holy River 5.75 MB

Khat Khataao: From Aradhna’s Amrit Vani album specially features Ramesh Misra on the 34 stringed sarangi. It’s a song about letting go of worries. Khat Khataao is Hindi for “knock.”  It’s an invitation to knock on God’s door, with the promise of welcome on the other side.
Khat Khataao 4.55 MB

Jaya Dev is a Sanskrit poem set to music by Aradhna on their Amrit Vani album.  The song features a multinational volunteer choir from Toronto as well as a duduk solo by Pedro Eustache.
Jaya Dev 546.44 kB